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Civil Engineering Recruitment

We are specialists in the built environment.

Just like you, we’re keen on keeping projects moving swiftly. We’re well aware of how every role in the civil industry is linked, and we know that an empty spot can really throw a wrench in the works, leading to delays and headaches in getting projects completed.

Since 1987, we’ve been teaming up with civil infrastructure businesses. Working with Scitex for your recruitment needs, you tap into our strong reputation and recruitment strategies to fill your roles and grow your talent pool. Each of our civil infrastructure recruitment consultants comes with at least 10 years experience, ready to bring a practical understanding to meet your staffing needs.

Scitex provides a range of recruitment options tailored to suit every need, inlcuding permanent, contract, casual, and temporary staffing. Our team has considerable experience and a strong network in the Civil sectors, ensuring a deep understanding of both our clients’ and job seekers’ needs. This insight is key to quickly finding the right match to meet your recruitment requirements.

Contact us today to connect with a civil infrastructure recruitment consultant that will take the time to understand your organisation, and deliver the result you need.


We understand your high pace environment

Debbie Cathro

Talent Engineer

Clarence Magtoto

Talent Engineer
BA (Psychology)

Troy Thurston

General Manager

Jobs we fill

Civil Engineer
Site Engineer
Project Engineer
Planner / Scheduler
Contracts Manager
Site Supervisor / Manager
Project Manager
Construction Manager / Director
Health & Safety Manager
Environmental & Sustainability Manager
Technical Manager / Director
Quantity Surveyor
Structural Engineer
Water Engineer (Stormwater, Wastewater, Freshwater)
Design Engineer / Draughtsperson
Geotechnical Engineer
Engineering Geologist
Technical Sales

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