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We’re in the middle of a (forced) digital transformation

Like many businesses, we are witnessing the devastating effects of COVID-19 as it ripples through New Zealand and the broader world at break neck pace. As you may be aware, PM Jacinda Ardern launched COVID-19 alert levels on Saturday 21st March, NZ is at level 3 currently but will elevate on Wednesday 25th March into level 4. More information can be found here. Our thoughts go out to those directly impacted. We wish everyone a safe passage during these difficult times and a speedy recovery.

Across every region and sector, we had been seeing organisations facing a similar challenge when it comes to digital transformation. They were making meaningful investments and commitments to “going digital”, but businesses still felt like they’re struggling. Despite the fact that 96% of organisations saw digital transformation as critical or important, 75% of them were “not very confident” in their ability to execute a digital transformation.

One fascinating part of the rise of COVID-19 has been the vast acceleration of many businesses into the digital world. Clearly, it has been forced upon us all. Zoom for example has become common place in many business, where it wasn’t before. So what does this really mean for business and workers? What are some key considerations as you mobilise your business and team?


It means we need to ensure we have the right tools, with the right training and ongoing support.

It means we need to ensure our organisational cultures & structure supports effective remote working.

It means we need to ensure our ways of working (weekly meetings, alignment or approval points etc) need to be effective, to support remote work.

It means we need to find new ways to give the social element of work that most workers desire and the support from co-workers they need.


We are always talking to businesses up and down the country and across the Tasman. If we can help you work through challenges of any nature, feel free to reach out to us. We are here for you.

Our team have now mobilised our operation including all interviews, but are fully available during normal business hours. Please also note, as of the 16th of March we began gathering COVID-19 related data on candidates we present to businesses. If you have any questions around this please let us know.

This week we refreshed our website and logo. The timing – which was confirmed months ago to align with industry meetings – has become less than ideal in recent weeks, however we have decided to move ahead as we are doing this to improve our service, connectivity and offer our community more value. For more information, see our release here. If you have any questions please reach out to Gareth on gareth@scitex.co.nz

Take care during these most difficult times.

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