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Company announcement – Scitex

These are unprecedented times globally. COVID-19 has brought tremendous pain & uncertainty to many around the world and in New Zealand alike. Our thoughts go out to those who are suffering, in particular those who have lost loved ones. We feel for you.

Clearly, many New Zealanders are facing major health and economic challenges currently – the timing of this transition has become less then ideal, particularly in recent weeks. But we are passionate about the platform it will provide us to share useful and insightful content, and connect with more New Zealanders to create positive change mainly via our new digital platforms, when the right time presents. This is the reason we felt strongly about moving this update forward as planned (for quite some time), even in the most challenging circumstances.

We wish everyone a safe passage over the coming weeks as we all navigate these incredible times together. Take care. We wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Gareth Robertson, Managing Director



Welcome to the world of Scitex Recruitment. Same great team. Same leading service. New Look. 

A lot has evolved since we launched as Scientific & Technical Recruitment back in 1987. New technologies have changed lives, new trends have come and gone and our industry has evolved.  We want to wear a badge that is distinctive and memorable. We want to ensure our service always delivers the best outcomes possible for our partners; we have recently improved our tech stack while continuing to prioritise and embrace strong human connections. We retain the same values of integrity, authenticity, expertise, putting people first, doing the right thing. Our pricing hasn’t changed, we just want to continue offering a better experience & improved value to our partners. Still underpinned by Science; still Scientific and Technical at the core. Welcome to Scientific & Technical Recruitment 2.0.

As of Monday, 23rd March 2020, we officially evolved into Scitex. Our partners will experience no change in their day-to-day processes and experiences with our team – even as we work remotely in this current climate. This is part of a drive to continuously improve our offering even in the face of unprecedented global times.


In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs.

I’m a candidate, how does this impact me? Do I need to do anything?
No action required, we still have all your details. Any applications or processes will still move ahead (per your latest update). The contact details you have for us are still working.

I’m a current employer working with you, do I need to do anything?
No, not at all. You can continue using our emails addresses (or @scitex.co.nz – either will work), phone numbers, payment details etc. Your contract is still valid. No change or action is required.

What can partners expect from this change?
You can expect to receive the same, if not improved service and support. The new digital platforms will provide helpful information and insights on a regular basis.

Why are we evolving our brand when we already have a strong brand reputation?
Scientific & Technical Recruitment has served as our company name since inception in 1987; however, many people perceive “Scientific & Technical” to imply that this is all we do and in this day and age its important for us to use a badge that is distinctive and ownable. Considering our recent growth, we felt that it was time for a fresh and appealing new look, with a name that connects to our history and pinpoints our niche markets: those creating and driving innovation in New Zealand.

With everything going on currently, why now?
Yes, the timing – which was confirmed months ago to align with industry meetings – is not ideal in many ways. We aren’t doing this to create headlines. We are doing it to improve our service and offer our community more value.

Our team have been working for the last year on how we continue to improve our operation & service and much of this work is now complete. We feel a stronger digital platform & associated tools will enable us to provide greater value & insights to our communities. Even in these most unprecedented and testing times for all, we feel this will help us offer better service so have moved ahead.

Does this change or nullify our existing contract with Scientific & Technical Recruitment ltd, or STR Temping Services ltd?
No, all existing or historical contracts are still valid. We will continue running via two entities: Scitex Recruitment ltd, Scitex Temping Services Ltd.

If I have an invoice outstanding (now or in future), do I need to change or update the bank details I would use?
If you’re an existing client, you can continue to pay our invoices using your most recent bank account details you have – no changes necessary – now or in the future.

Has your address or phone changed?
Our phone number isn’t changing, we are reachable on 09 525 5520. We are still located at 704a Great South rd, Penrose in Auckland. We love being able to offer our clients and candidates plenty of free parking right by the Southern Motorway, so we are still here.

What will happen to the old email addresses?
The old @str.co.nz email addresses will still be functional and any emails sent to these accounts will forward to our new @scitex.co.nz addresses so that no emails are lost.

What will happen to the old website URL?
We have redirected traffic to the old website to our new one, www.scitex.co.nz

Does this mean your process will also change?
No, our recruitment process will not change.


For any other questions, please email gareth@scitex.co.nz 

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