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Welcome Troy Thurston – Scitex General Manager

Troy Thurston pictured on the right, next to (from left to right) Belinda McKenzie, Donna Watson and Denis Simonov – at Scitex MasterChef 2021, held in August before lockdown restrictions commenced.

We often talk about our teams purpose of engineering better Mondays – and how we want this mission to impact 1 million lives for the better. We love the impact we are able to have as a team, whether solving an imminent issue – a key team member soon to depart, or a significant growth prospect uncoverable only through additional, complimentary skills sets. We also love taking opportunities when we uncover them, especially if they will ultimately enable Scitex to provide even stronger support to our clients and candidates.

When we first met Troy we were blown away by his skills, passion and zest for doing things the right way – while making a difference. We are more than excited to welcome him into our family as General Manager. This is an incremental role we are introducing with his arrival, aimed at accelerating our impact on the communities we serve, bringing in more capacity. Troy will work alongside Gareth and the team, bringing valuable additional knowledge and networks to the Scitex operation as we support our clients and candidates through the ups and downs of 2021, and look well into the future together.

You can read more about Troy’s background here or connect with him on LinkedIn here.
As Troy joined our team, we asked him a few questions to get to know him better:

What drives you in recruitment everyday?

I am passionate about meeting interesting people. Recruitment allows you to meet all walks of life from all corners of the globe and get to know them at a trusted and intrinsic level. It is a real privilege to gain the trust of a candidate, no matter their level of skill or stage of their career, and assisting them in their career journey is just so rewarding.

Allowing for this success also ensures you are assisting great Kiwi businesses to increase their productivity by matching a fabulous candidate to their organisation, ensuring a true three-way win, for the candidate, the client, and as a result for me / us!

What excites you about Scitex? What’s your Vision for Scitex?

I got to know Gareth whilst in a business consulting role. As I got to know Gareth, his passion and genuine approach was somewhat contagious, and as I got to understand Scitex’s focus areas and fascinating client and candidate base, I couldn’t help but want to know more and more.

As a recruiter, I have always been excited about getting into a business, understanding what makes it tick, and creating people solutions to allow them to get there quicker as a fly on the wall to their strategy and operations.

And, as technical and scientific roles are often forgotten by traditional recruiters, due to volume and scale preference for profit and quarterly return, here at Scitex, it’s very clear that the value is placed on the quality of the work undertaken, no matter whether by the candidate in a new role or us as the agency, over anything else. Scitex is driven to enable strategic change, support and real enablement to its clients through its clear processes and innovative offerings and approaches, and this was something I knew I wanted to be a part of.

My vision for Scitex is to foster this passion, focus and delivery to even more NZ businesses, and assist the team to scale this approach so more great candidates and clients can benefit, and I can’t wait to see where that takes us.

Where did your fascination with science & technology come from?

Whilst having chased the traditional business and economics route through my studies, I always scored relatively well in the sciences. I’d say this is down to a fascination with understanding what sits in behind a process, a situation, or even how something works. It wasn’t enough to have the answer – I always wanted to understand what the mapping was to get there. Anyone who knows me well knows my favourite question is simply, WHY?

I have a particular fascination with biology and biomechanics, and I can’t wait to learn from the many talented individuals in our team, and their background focus areas.

All this, with the advancement of social media, the digital age, and access to information in recent decades, and as a keen advocate for fostering people through the future of work, I believe that science and technology is as critical as ever. Being part of assisting with how this is shaped here in New Zealand in a small way is a real privilege.

I hear you came second at Scitex MasterChef challenge 2021 – how did that go? ?

Yes I was fortunate enough to be invited along to this challenge as an introduction to the team – and what an introduction! I am not sure the judging reflected the final outcome with only 2 measly points in it, however as I respect healthy competition, I was happy to settle with a second placing on my first outing with the team!

I will certainly be pushing for glory in the next team challenge!

What’s it been like to join a new business remotely?

There is certainly a first for everything, and whilst I was all too happy to start my first day with a business shirt, and shorts, I think it has become a reality for many New Zealanders, and I guess people globally too. So, whilst it is a bit strange, I think in the current environment the only constant is change. So, I try not to get too used to anything so as to ensure I can adapt to any challenge or environment.

We are proud to have Troy join our team. Troy is now fully onboard and available via troy@scitex.co.nz