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CV writing workshop – 18th September

Are you unsure about communicating your skills on a CV?

Have you been struggling to land a job interview?

Have you ever wondered what a recruiter is looking for in a CV?

Or possibly you haven’t needed a CV to date, but know you will do soon?


Optimising your CV is really difficult.

What content should you include?

How should you format your CV?

Do you have layout problems? design concerns?

Keyword struggles? The good news is we are here to help!


Our candidate manager, Oliver Saltmarsh, is hosting a free CV writing webinar. Oliver looks at thousands of CVs each month, so he is a real pro in this space. He will cover everything from the basics, to optimising your CV for a specific job. Including: what to include in your CV, how you should format it, how to sell your skills, common mistakes we see. He’ll also be taking Q&A at the end of the session. Any confidential questions can be fielded afterwards on a 1-1 basis.


When: 4:30 pm, Friday 18th September

Where: Webinar: Link to be supplied pre event

To sign up or for any questions, please email oliver@scitex.co.nz

See what we can do for you, we are here to help