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Why contractors & high skill temporary staff will accelerate your organisation

Effectively collaborating with temporary staff and contractors can greatly contribute to the expansion and growth of any organisation. Whether addressing talent shortages or enhancing operational flexibility, temporary workers and contractors play a pivotal role in driving positive changes. Embracing this approach has become increasingly attractive to employers in NZ, given the opportunities it presents for diverse working experiences and a more agile work lifestyle. This symbiotic relationship offers numerous benefits for your organization, some of which are outlined below:


Access to Highly Specialised Skills: Temporary staff & Contractors offer a straightforward solution to meet short-term talent demands, especially when seeking individuals with niche or highly specialised skill sets. Finding such experts (locally, who are are also available to work immediately) can be challenging, and committing to full-time positions may not always be feasible. In scenarios where your business requires talented professionals for specific projects or short-term contracts, hiring contractors becomes the ideal option to gain essential insights and support.

On-Demand Talent: Every business faces shifts in demand, which can lead to an overstretched, stressed and disengaged workforce due to talent gaps. Contractors & Temporary staff can effectively fill these gaps, even if the demand is temporary. Partnering with a reliable recruitment agency ensures that the contractors you bring in are of high caliber, trustworthy and capable of hitting the ground running.

Creating a More Agile Business Model: Working with contractors can streamline recruitment costs and prompt a re-evaluation of your organisation’s talent acquisition strategies. Instead of solely focusing on full-time employees, there are often opportunities to hire contractors, providing a cost-effective yet high-quality solution to your business needs. While permanent hires may still be necessary in certain situations, leveraging contractors fosters greater freedom and flexibility, liberating resources that were once drained by hiring and HR expenses. To maximize this opportunity, it is vital to collaborate with reliable, qualified and dedicated contractors, and this is where a trusted recruitment partner like Scitex can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Insight and Expertise: Contractors & Temporary workers bring fresh perspectives and add value to a business through their wealth of expertise and varied experiences. Their in-depth understanding of specific industries empowers them to introduce innovative and creative ideas to areas of the business that may have grown stagnant. Moreover, their approach to your business will be marked by a unique outlook, enabling them to propose new approaches to long-standing challenges.

Talent Gaps and Streamlining Costs: Partnering with a recruitment agency that can provide access to high-quality contractors simplifies the hiring process, alleviates HR complexities, and opens up more opportunities for your organisation to thrive.


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