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Gary Scott: The Scientist who knows good Chemistry when he sees it.

Embarking on the journey of a technical job interview can often feel like navigating uncharted waters, especially when unsure of the interviewer’s background in the field you’re being assessed on. This uncertainty can leave you hoping you’ve done enough to stand out, wishing for a connection that goes beyond the surface level.

My journey into the realm of analytical chemistry began nearly two decades ago, marking the start of a path filled with unique challenges and learning curves. Early in my career, I faced the daunting task of proving my skills and knowledge in a field that demands precision, understanding, and a deep appreciation for the scientific process. From mastering the intricacies of handling analytical instruments to the meticulous preparation of samples and standards, my journey was shaped by the pursuit of undisputed accuracy and reliability.

Reflecting on the wisdom of a mentor who once remarked that my seniority was earned through making every mistake at least twice, I embraced each error as a stepping stone towards improvement. This process of learning from mistakes, understanding their causes, and finding solutions, has been instrumental in shaping my approach to analytical chemistry.

Transitioning into a role as a Talent Chemist at Scitex, I embarked on a mission to connect with candidates in the Quality-related industries, from pharmaceuticals to paint manufacturing and more. The opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with candidates, speaking their language and diving deeper into their skill sets, has been incredibly rewarding. It’s the depth of these discussions, beyond the standard question-and-answer format, that candidates have found most refreshing. The ability to discuss complex topics without the need to over-explain or correct misunderstandings has been a highlight for many.

My first year with Scitex has been an enriching experience, filled with conversations with fellow scientists, analysts and technicians. Witnessing the relief and comfort candidates feel when they realise they’re speaking with someone who truly understands their journey has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. Sharing their stories and challenges has not only been a pleasure but also a responsibility I hold in high regard when representing them to our clients.

If you’re navigating the path to your next role in Science or Chemistry and value a conversation grounded in shared experience and insight, I invite you to reach out.

Cheers, Gary



Gary Scott

Talent Chemist


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