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Celebrating Excellence: Keraplast appoints new Chief Science Officer

Keraplast have appointed Dr Rafea Naffa as Chief Science Officer following an executive search conducted by Scitex Recruitment. Dr. Naffa brings a wealth of experience and expertise that will undoubtedly propel Keraplast to new heights.

Dr. Naffa’s journey is marked by a passion for collaborative research and a commitment to advancing the field of analytical chemistry. With a Ph.D. in Bioanalytical Chemistry from Massey University, he has spent over 15 years developing and validating untargeted methods in metabolomics, gaining valuable insights into various products.

His impressive academic achievements include a Master’s in Analytical Chemistry from Hashemite University, Jordan, and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. Dr. Naffa’s dedication to academic excellence is evident in his numerous awards and scholarships, including the Leather and Shoe Research Association (LASRA) Scholarship and the Massey University Dean’s Graduation Award.

Dr. Naffa’s leadership platform was enhanced via roles as a Senior Research Scientist at Fonterra Research and Development Centre and as a Research Scientist at the New Zealand Leather and Research Association (LASRA). His responsibilities encompassed strategic planning, method development, and fostering stakeholder relationships. Notably, he has successfully managed MBIE funded projects, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex collaborations and deliver impactful results.

In addition to his leadership roles, Dr. Naffa has made substantial contributions to the scientific community, serving as the Editor of the Journal of the American Leather Chemists Association and Guest Editor for a special issue on collagen in the “Collagen from Animal Biological Sources: Extraction, Purification, Characterization, and Applications” journal.

As Keraplast’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rafea Naffa will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s growth and innovation. His leadership, expertise, and passion for collaborative research make him a valuable asset to the Keraplast team.

Congratulations to Dr. Rafea Naffa and the broader Keraplast team.

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