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#BetterMondays – through Debbie Cathro’s lens

‘Better Mondays’ – what does it mean?  It can mean different things to different people!

To me, it signifies a fresh start to the week, a chance to set new goals, and an opportunity to approach tasks and challenges with renewed energy and positivity. It’s a mindset that embraces the potential for growth, productivity, and personal improvement as the week begins. Whether it involves setting intentions, organizing priorities, or simply adopting a more optimistic outlook, Better Mondays represents the opportunity to kickstart the week on a positive note.


For an employer or manager, Better Mondays can encompass several aspects:

Employee Engagement: Creating an environment where employees feel motivated and engaged on Mondays can set the tone for the entire week. Employers might strive to provide a positive workplace culture, clear goals, and opportunities for growth to ensure their employees are excited to start the week.

Productivity: Better Mondays might mean establishing structures or systems that help employees transition smoothly from the weekend to work mode. This could involve effective planning, streamlined processes, and clear objectives for the week ahead, boosting productivity.

Employee Well-being: Employers can focus on initiatives that support their employees’ well-being, both mental and physical. Offering wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, or activities that reduce Monday stress can contribute to better overall employee health and happiness.

Team Morale: Starting the week with team-building activities, meetings, or acknowledgments of achievements from the previous week can foster a sense of unity and motivation among employees.

In essence, Better Mondays for an employer could revolve around creating an environment where employees are enthusiastic, engaged, and motivated to tackle the week’s challenges, leading to increased productivity and a positive work culture.


For an employee, Better Mondays often signify a fresh opportunity to:

Start Afresh: It’s a chance to begin the work week with a clean slate, leaving behind any stresses or challenges from the previous week and approaching tasks with renewed energy and focus.

Set Goals: Employees might use Mondays to set weekly goals or priorities, establishing a roadmap for what they aim to achieve during the week.

Positive Mindset: It’s about adopting a positive attitude towards the work week. Employees might use Mondays as a platform to embrace new challenges, learn new things, or seek opportunities for growth and development.

Professional Growth: Better Mondays can be a time to seek feedback, ask questions, or plan to learn new skills. Employees might use this time to set up meetings with mentors or colleagues to enhance their professional development.

Team Collaboration: It’s an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, collaborate on projects, and align efforts for a successful week ahead.

Overall, for an employee, Better Mondays represents a chance to approach work with enthusiasm, set goals, and strive for personal and professional improvement throughout the week.


Collaboration between a recruitment company, employer, and candidate can significantly contribute to creating Better Mondays:

Clear Communication: Recruiters can communicate effectively with both the employer and the candidate. They should convey the company culture, job requirements, and candidate expectations accurately. This ensures that the candidate has a clear understanding of what to expect, contributing to a positive start.

Feedback Loop: Recruiters should facilitate feedback exchange between the employer and candidates. Constructive feedback allows candidates to improve and employers to refine their criteria, leading to better matches and increased satisfaction.

Preparation and Information Sharing: Employers can work with recruiters to provide comprehensive information about the company, team dynamics, and the role. This helps the candidate prepare adequately and feel more confident about joining the organization.

Timely Responses: Both employers and candidates should aim to respond promptly to communications from the recruiter. This ensures that the hiring process moves smoothly, reducing delays and uncertainties that can cause stress for candidates.

Supportive Onboarding: Employers play a crucial role in making the candidate’s transition smooth. They can collaborate with recruiters to ensure that the onboarding process is well-structured, welcoming, and informative. This sets a positive tone for the new employee’s experience.

Candidate Experience Focus: Recruiters and employers should jointly focus on providing an excellent candidate experience. This includes transparent communication, respectful interactions, and a streamlined hiring process that respects the candidate’s time.


A recent candidate made a Better Monday decision by choosing between a role just ten minutes away from his residence, rather than a role which would have seen him enduring a gruelling 1.5 hour commute each way.  This was a commendable move towards prioritizing a healthier work-life balance with the impact of this change extending far beyond convenience of proximity.  A shorter commute not only saves precious time, but also fosters increased productivity allowing him to channel his energy into his work and personal life more effectively. By eliminating the stress and exhaustion of long commutes, he is empowering himself to start each day on a positive note, arriving at work refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges.  Moreover, this decision aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting our candidate’s well-being and enabling them to thrive both personally and professionally. We believe that a happier, more balanced you translates into better performance and a more fulfilling work experience.

By working together cohesively, recruitment companies, employers, and candidates can contribute to creating a positive and supportive environment, setting the stage for Better Mondays not just during the hiring process, but also throughout the candidate’s journey within the organisation.




Debbie Cathro

Talent Engineer


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