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An Engineering & Industrial Recruitment specialist, welcome Sarah Coad

While Scitex started in the 1980’s with a focus on laboratory based positions, over the last 20 or so years we’ve gradually seen the engineering and manufacturing sectors become significant areas of partnership and focus for our team.

The latest BNZ-BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index for December (2021) was a seasonally adjusted 53.7 points. Anything above 50 indicated expansion, with all key indicators above that mark, with production (56.4) and new orders (57.5) recording their highest values since July 2021. Manufacturing is in full swing in New Zealand, and with labour shortages in play forecasted to only tighten this year, our team are proud to be adding further expertise to our team in these sectors to support critical parts of our economy.

Introducing Sarah Coad, our specialist consultant covering Engineering & Industrial. Her first professional recruitment role was over a decade ago, and since then she has worked for both a small boutique agency and a large global organisation in a variety of positions across industrial, engineering and manufacturing – around Auckland.

You can read more about Sarah’s background here or connect with her on LinkedIn here.

We are excited to have Sarah in the team, and naturally we wouldn’t let her get away in her first week without throwing a few questions her way:


Why are you excited to join Scitex?

Being challenged in my career and able to evolve is very important to me and I was instantly captured by the prospect of building on from 10 years of recruiting experience and growing with a specialist company which gets to work with the most interesting companies and roles.

When choosing this next step, Scitex stood out against other recruitment roles. The difference? Scitex really lived up to providing a fantastic candidate experience through the recruitment process. The Scitex team obviously valued its unique identity and were careful to preserve a culture that has been maintained for 35 years. Its company values were practiced true to form with a genuine “people first” approach at the core of their recruitment style.

You could not recreate it if you tried.


What drives your passion for recruitment?

Recruitment has changed the way I view the world.

Like most recruiters, I am very people centric and driven by the feeling of joy that I would experience when helping candidates to succeed in a Job-offer induced adrenaline surge. I love how unpredictable and fast paced the recruitment  industry is and view it as a lifetime career that constantly transforms over time.

Recruiters get a different view of the world through the lens of each candidate we meet, as we stand by their side experiencing both their frustrations and joys while navigating with job market. With good practices and good luck, we recruiters can play a part in literally transforming our candidates futures.

On top of this we get to peel back the curtain to understand the inner workings of a wide variety of business’s and gain a new and unique view of the world as we meet each new client. Recruiters get to see raw ingredients be transformed into the finished product, introduce the staff member that has brought the product to life and even meet the owner who developed the original prototype in his garage.

Every day items that I would have once taken for granted, I now view as if I was wearing x-ray glasses… knowing what is underneath the surface and how it ticks giving me a real appreciation for human innovation and how far we have come.


What do you like to do outside of work?

In an age where people seem to become absorbed into social media and the virtual world, I like to always have a project on where I can try my hand at something new. As the offspring of a pair of “Do It Yourselver’s” I think it’s sad that these skills aren’t going to be picked up by future generations so actively try my hand at building, renovating, sewing, baking, gardening, crafting – adding a new tool to my repertoire each time and always accompanied by the beat of a new spotify Playlist.


We are proud to have Sarah join our team. She is now fully onboard and available via sarah@scitex.co.nz

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