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Welcome Denis Simonov

We are proud to have welcomed Denis Simonov into the Scitex Recruitment team as a Consultant this week. Denis brings an exceptional background across academia, commercial operations and industry-focused biomedical research; from veterinary microbiology and drug development to coatings. Denis offers a unique understanding of the life-sciences and biotech-related industries and the people that make these industries tick.


As Denis joined our team, we asked him a few questions to get to know him better:


 Why are you excited to join Scitex?

Having had a career in science spanning more than ten years, I was naturally drawn to technical and scientific recruitment.  Meeting the team at Scitex made it clear very quickly that these were the experts and the people alongside whom I wanted to further develop my career.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy running and cycling. I am also a photography enthusiast and have once toyed with the idea of becoming a professional photographer. I enjoy listening to music and arguing with my dad about relative merits of CDs vs vinyl. I enjoy reading books on history and geography. Weeknights are often spent watching suspense TV series, whereas weekends are usually dedicated to outdoor activities with the family. 

What are a couple of your goals for this year?

A professional challenge that I’ve come up with for myself is to place a few highly skilled niche specialists (of whom there would be just a few in the world) into highly specialised New Zealand-based roles. I think this would be an incredibly interesting experience. 

As more of a personal goal, I’ve never travelled to any of the Pacific islands, so this year, COVID-permitting, I would like to take my family to one of the nearby tropical wonders.

If you could take anyone – dead or alive – who has been formative in your life and/or career to date, out for dinner, who would it be and why?

In my youth, the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and his books on evolution left an imprint on me and to a big extent influenced my decision to study biology. However, if I were to choose someone to take out for dinner these days, I think it would be Mark Zuckerberg. It would be great to learn from him about his personal and professional journey with Facebook, the impact it has had on the world and him as a result.

What is something about you that would surprise people?

I lived in Brazil for a year when I was seventeen. As a Rotary International exchange student I visited more than 40 cities in Brazil and to this date it remains the country I’ve travelled the most.


We are excited to have Denis join our community. He is contactable on:   e: denis@scitex.co.nz     p: 09 525 5520