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From neuroscience to recruitment: Emma’s first 180 days with Scitex.

Emma Bultitude pictured on the left, next to (from left to right) Linda Ford, Viv Philipsen and Gareth Robertson – at Scitex MasterChef 2021.


Our wonderful Talent Resourcer Emma Bultitude joined the Scitex family earlier this year. As she approaches her 6 month anniversary we took the chance to check in and share her experiences so far, as she adapts to a new industry and builds towards her career goals. Great work Emma, we are lucky to have you on the ride with us!


What were you doing before you started at Scitex?

I had recently completed my Bachelor of Science degree with Honours, majoring in neuroscience. I had absolutely loved my four years of neuroscience, but I had realised that my intended path, down the PhD route into academia, was no longer the path I wished to take. However, after years of specialised neuroscience and other supplementary sciences including pharmacology, psychology, molecular biology, endocrinology, and anatomy, I knew I still wanted to do something within the science realm.


What got you interested in the recruitment industry?

I wanted to work in an industry that was collaborative and had a people focused core and ideally, was based around helping others. I realised that recruitment could offer this by working closely with people to help them find their dream job!


What was it about Scitex Recruitment that appealed to you?

Once I had identified that recruitment could be a good avenue for me, I found Scitex, and I was immediately interested due to the specialist focus of the company. There are not many recruitment firms who focus all their efforts into highly specialised areas. Of course, the fact that one of these areas was science made Scitex appeal to me even more!


What was the transition like from neuroscience/study to recruitment?

The transition was easier than I expected it to be, although I do remember when I first walked into the office, after moving to Auckland only three days prior, I definitely felt a bit out of my depth. I basically got stuck straight into my role and gained exposure to many of our recruitment processes within my first few days, and I found this a beneficial way for me to learn quickly. Even by the end of my first day, I already had a new appreciation for how people-focussed the industry is. It was fantastic (and it was obvious that it was the people-centred role I desired), but quite different from the academic setting I had come from.

Plus, the transition was definitely helped by my welcoming and supportive co-workers!


Has your previous science experience helped you in recruitment?

Yes, absolutely. My science knowledge has allowed me to easily connect with candidates who are from all kinds of science/laboratory/academic backgrounds. From a client perspective, it has helped me to understand job requirements outlined by clients, and it has helped me to understand which candidates could be the best possible fit for our clients. All these things make it easier to form connections and ensure that our recruitment process is much more than just a business transaction.


What do you enjoy about recruitment?

I love that each day I get to work with a wide variety of different people from all walks of life! I also enjoy the diversity that comes with my role – every day is a little bit different. The future opportunities which recruitment offers are also something I love, and I am excited to see how I continue to develop.


What has been your recruitment highlight this year so far?

I’ve been fortunate enough to run the recruitment of candidates for a Graduate Program offered by one of our clients. It has been great to work with a diverse range of recent and upcoming graduates – they are so keen and eager to kickstart their careers! Another stand out moment is when I was fortunate enough to attend a conference with some of my colleagues. I found this a very useful experience, and I look forward to more of this in the future, if Covid allows it!


Do you have any recruitment goals for the rest of 2021?

Right now, I’d love to get out of lockdown and back into the office! Overall, I want to continue to upskill and develop in every way. I am currently delving into some new business development and I’m looking to start building a larger client network.


If you’re looking for a new opportunity or career move, or even if you just want to plan ahead and connect with Emma for future, reach out to her on emma@scitex.co.nz or connect with her on LinkedIn.